Scale of expanse
de l'apparence de l'étendue et inversement

Ces “paysages“ n‘existent pas avant qu‘un spectateur ne les regarde.
Ils constituent une étendue indéterminée qui ne demande qu‘à être limitée par un regard.

This movie was created by the opportunity to create a scenography for the choregraphic poem called "La route, d'aileurs..."
which was directed by Laurence Rondoni and created in Amiens (France) in november 2010.
Shooted in Parc nartuel régional de la Narbonnaise, in south of France, this movie combines real landscapes as well virtual' ones.

movie & music : Jean Jacques Palix
credits design  : Bob Kohn
duration : 26 minutes
MMX - 64 production - Paris 2010


UK première in the context of " Ruins in Vanitas",  an exhibition curated by Barbra Litvine - Cambridge (UK) - October 2011

remerciements : Laurence Rondoni, descent danse (mdlr), Sonia Talkacsz, Stéphane Jourdain, Marion Thiba, le Parc Naturel Régional de la Narbonnaise

movie's extract

About the film
‘Scale of Expanse’ is a film by French artist Jean-Jacques Palix. It has been shot in the wild and unreal landscape of the

Parc Naturel de la Narbonnaise in France. It combines real views with virtual and imagined dimensions producing a
limitless space waiting for the sight of spectators to exist.
The deliberately unsophisticated treatment of images and sounds, suggest a true link with the essence of cinema, especially
that of pioneers such as the Lumière brothers who, at the end of the nineteenth century, would send their cameramen,
usually young of less 20 years old, to Brussels, Moscow, Liverpool and more remote places to chase and visually
report on those landscapes.
Scale of Expanse gives a very personal interpretation of this place, which is jealously cared of and protected from
glances and commercialism, composed by natural vegetation and industrial ruins of now distant past. The soundtrack,
composed by the artist, contributes to the confusion between abstract and real images and between the perception of
distance and the imagination of a machinery composed landscape.